Nominations are closed for the DFMCH-administered scholarships and mentorship awards presented at our annual McGovern-Tracy event.
  • Completed nominations were due Monday, January 23, 2023
  • Students are limited to three (3) award nominations
  • For specific information regarding this year’s awards criteria, please review the Awards Document » (PDF)

Contact Sue McGuire with questions.

Eligibility Award Title and Brief Description Recipients Per Year
MED 1  Compassion in Action (CIA) AwardPresented to a first-year medical student who has a desire to provide “good work” in an underserved community. Recipient receives $2,000. 1-2
MED 1   Compassion in Action (CIA) Delek Tibetan Hospital Award: Presented to a first-year medical student who wants to provide “good work” at the Delek Tibetan Hospital in India; this award is intended to offset living expenses while the student is working at the Delek Tibetan Hospital. Recipient receives $2,000. 1
MED 2  McGovern-Tracy Scholars Award (for medical students): Presented to second-year medical students who exemplify the values of community service and leadership while in training. Recipients receive disbursements of $1,500 for their second and third year of medical school (for a total of $3,000). 3-5
MED 3 or 4  Robert F. and Irma K. Korbitz Endowed Scholarship: Presented to third- and fourth-year medical students with a strong interest in family medicine as a focus of their training. Recipients receive $4,000. 3-4
MED 4  Dr. Lester Brillman Leadership and Advocacy AwardPresented to a fourth-year medical student pursuing a career in family medicine who demonstrates ongoing and consistent leadership in family medicine at the medical school and state, regional, or national level. Recipient receives $7,500. 1
MED 4  Dr. Lester Brillman Scholarship AwardFourth-year medical students pursuing a career in family medicine. Recipients receive $5,000. 4-7
 MED 4  Joyce F. Jeardeau Family Medicine Memorial Scholarship: Presented to a fourth-year medical student who has a demonstrated record of leadership and excellence in at least one of these areas: Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG), family medicine at the state or national level, and/or evidence of humanism in medicine, especially warmth, compassion, and service. Recipient receives $1,000. 1
MED 4  Vogel ScholarshipPresented to a fourth-year medical student planning to pursue a career in family medicine with an emphasis on care for underserved populations. Recipient receives $1,500. 1
MED 4  WAFP Founders AwardPresented to a fourth-year medical student who exhibits interest in fostering the concepts of family medicine as a medical student. Recipient receives $2,000. 1
RESIDENT McGovern-Tracy Scholars Award (for family medicine residents): Presented to second- or third-year residents who exemplify the values of community service and leadership while in training. Recipients receive a one-time disbursement of $1,500 2-3
FACULTY  Dr. Lester Brillman Mentorship in Family Medicine Award: Presented to a faculty (UW SMPH Adjunct/CT/CHS/Tenure tracks) and community preceptors who nurture and sustain student interest in family medicine through their roles as clinicians, educators, or researchers. Recipient receives $1,000. 1-2

Through the generosity of Dr. Zorba and Penny Paster, Dr. Lester Brillman’s family, Dr. Robert and Irma Korbitz’s family, Joyce Jeardeau’s family, Elizabeth McGovern-Kerr’s family, Michele Tracy’s family, Vogel Construction, and the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health can present these awards at our annual McGovern-Tracy and Student Scholars Awards Event, held before the UW’s Spring Graduation.