Nominations are now open for the DFMCH-administered scholarships and mentorship awards presented at our annual McGovern-Tracy event.
  • Completed nominations are due by Wednesday, February 9, 2022
  • Students are limited to three (3) award nominations
  • For specific information regarding this year’s awards criteria, please review the Awards Document » (PDF)

Please note that the process for submitting nominations and supporting materials has changed this year. Nominations and materials will be collected via online forms; please click on the links for your desired award(s) below. Nominees and nominators/letter writers will submit separate forms but are responsible for working together to ensure all materials are submitted by the deadline.

Contact Sue McGuire with questions.

Eligibility Award Title and Brief Description
MED 4  Dr. Lester Brillman Scholarship AwardFourth-year medical students pursuing a career in family medicine. Recipients receive $2,500.00.
MED 4  Dr. Lester Brillman Leadership and Advocacy AwardPresented to a fourth-year medical student pursuing a career in family medicine who demonstrates ongoing and consistent leadership in family medicine at the medical school and state, regional, or national level. Recipient receives $7,500.00.
FACULTY  Dr. Lester Brillman Mentorship in Family Medicine Award: Presented to a faculty (UW SMPH Adjunct/CT/CHS/Tenure tracks) and community preceptors who nurture and sustain student interest in family medicine through their roles as clinicians, educators, or researchers. Recipient receives $500.00. 
MED 1  Compassion in Action (CIA) Award Presented to a first-year medical student who has a desire to provide “good work” in an underserved community. Recipient receives $1,000.00. 
MED 1   Compassion in Action (CIA) Delek Tibetan Hospital Award:  Presented to a first-year medical student who wants to provide “good work” at the Delek Tibetan Hospital in India; this award is intended to offset living expenses while the student is working at the Delek Tibetan Hospital. Recipient receives $1,000.00 
MED 3 or 4  Compassion in Action (CIA) Community and International Health Leadership Award: Presented to a third- or fourth-year medical student who developed, implemented, or improved health care in a disadvantaged community during their medical student education. Recipient receives $1,000.00. 
 MED 4  Joyce F. Jeardeau Family Medicine Memorial Scholarship: Presented to a fourth-year medical student who has a demonstrated record of leadership and excellence in at least one of these areas: Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG), family medicine at the state or national level, and/or evidence of humanism in medicine, especially warmth, compassion, and service. Recipient receives $1,000.00. 
 MED 3 or 4  Robert F. and Irma K. Korbitz Endowed ScholarshipPresented to third- and fourth-year medical students with a strong interest in family medicine as a focus of their training. Recipients receive $1,500.00.
MED 2  McGovern-Tracy Scholars Award (for medical students): Presented to second-year medical students who exemplify the values of community service and leadership while in training. Recipients receive disbursements of $1,250.00 for their second and third year of medical school.
PGY 2 or PGY 3  McGovern-Tracy Scholars Award (for family medicine residents): Presented to second- or third-year residents who exemplify the values of community service and leadership while in training. Recipients receive a one-time disbursement of $1,250.00.  
MED 4  Vogel ScholarshipPresented to a fourth-year medical student planning to pursue a career in family medicine with an emphasis on care for underserved populations. Recipient receives $1,500.00.
MED 4  WAFP Founders AwardPresented to a fourth-year medical student who exhibits interest in fostering the concepts of family medicine as a medical student. Recipient receives $2,000.00. 

Through the generosity of Dr. Zorba and Penny Paster, Dr. Lester Brillman’s family, Dr. Robert and Irma Korbitz’s family, Joyce Jeardeau’s family, Elizabeth McGovern-Kerr’s family, Michele Tracy’s family, Vogel Construction, and the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health can present these awards at our annual McGovern-Tracy and Student Scholars Awards Event, held before the UW’s Spring Graduation.