Websites – WMJ article by Rachel Naomi Remen about “Recapturing the Soul of Medicine” – Physician’s Guide to the Internet. Nice array of articles emphasizing physician health. Topics include general tips for staying well, stress management, and an introduction to one form of mindfulness meditation – articles on self-care – Western Journal of Medicine articles centering on physician wellness – University of Virgina physician wellness site. – University of Washington wellness site – Vanderbilt faculty and staff wellness program – Healthcare renewal site, with blogs by MD’s about an array of topics, including self-care – Mayo Clinic Calculator – helps with assessment of your risks for various illnesses – Another resource for gauging your health in various areas

Books… – Links to a “Healing the Healer” book list on, with a large listing of potentially relevant books.


“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”

-Billie Jean King

“[M]y wife and I had to come to realize one of the chief difficulties of the family doctor -the constant drain upon the emotions. To stand helplessly while relentless organisms destroy a beautiful mother, a fine father, or a beloved child, creates terrible emotional distress; and this feeling is increased by the necessity of suppression. That is why the average lifetime of family doctors is 55 years, most of them succumbing to functional impairment.”
-Joseph Jerger, MD, written in 1939