RHeSUS This Lunch and Learn series was developed to support those who treat and care for people struggling with substance use disorders in rural Wisconsin at no cost to participants

Topic and Presenter Schedule


6/17/2024 – Neonatal abstinence syndrome/withdrawal (Password: 8vK2EQib) – Dr. Elizabeth Goetz

5/20/2024 – Acute pain management in setting of OUD (Password: wTS88Ugf) – Addiction Medicine Fellow

4/15/2024 – Opioid Withdrawal Management (Password: GcB5vfPJ) – Bobby Redwood, MD

3/18/2024 – Cases: Alcohol use disorder – Randy Brown, MD

2/19/2024 – Cannabis and Delta 8 THC: Practical Information for Patient Care (Password: gCJdskd3) – Ana Pearson, MD


12/18/2023 – Hospital (ED) management of alcohol withdrawal – Randall Brown, MD and Bobby Redwood

11/20 – Watch: Alcohol use disorder pharmacotherapy (Password: fF2MFqjd) – Randall Brown, MD

10/16 – Watch: Stigma & Unconscious Bias in Substance Use Disorder (Password: UfSk5nTR) – Robert Redwood MD, MPH and Christopher Zahn

09/18 – Substance Misuse in Older Adults – Randall Brown, MD, PhD

08/21 – Harm Reduction Basics – Randall Brown, MD, PhD

07/17 – Case Presentation & Discussion – Laurel Rabson, MD

06/15 – Watch: Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management (Password: PgfQrpp4) – Dr. Redwood

05/15 – Watch: Stimulant Use Disorder (Password: FpYpmeD6) – David Leinweber

04/17 – Watch: Peer Recovery Services- The Use of Peer Support and Recovery Coaching in Health Care and Community Settings (Password: eJKG8MAP)– Rebecca Foss; Joe Galey; Kaitlyn Cole

03/20 – Case presentation (MOUD Initiation/Stabilization) – Randall Brown, MD, PhD; Alison Miller, DO; Meggan Kohel, RN, BHC

02/20 – Watch: Buprenorphine 101: Demystifying ED Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (Password: EsfMAJV8) – Dr. Redwood

01/23 – Watch: Alcohol Related Case Presentation & Discussion (Password: vJmHQ6zA) – Ritu Bhatnagar, MD; Erin Fouch, MD; Alison Miller, MD


12/19 – Improving Care for Pts w/ Unhealthy ETOH Use: Rx for AUD – Randall Brown, MD, PhD

11/21 – Alcohol Withdrawal: Assessment & Management – Randall Brown, MD, PhD

10/17 – Overview of SUD & rural trends – Randall Brown, MD, PhD

This program is possible through a partnership with the Wisconsin Hospital Association. Funding for RHeSUS was provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP).