Jack Massee, DO – R2 (TOURO NV)

Eau Claire

J. Owen Beck, DO – R3 (PNUHS COM)
Jordan Fraser, DO – R2 (UNT COM)
Cody Howe, DO – R3(DMU)
Joseph Zbaracki, DO – R2 (DMU)

La Crosse

Martin Erlandson, DO – R2 (PIKEVILLE COM)
Cassandra Lanning, DO – R3 (DMU)
Ian Stock, DO – R3 (CCOM)


Yusuf Abdullah, DO – R1 (ATSU COM)
Megan Dudek, DO – R2 (DMU)
Nathan Gorman, DO – R1 (ROCKY VISTA)
Parker Hanson, DO – R3 (BAMA COM)
Mark Matusak, DO – R3 (UNE COM)
Andrew Sheehan, DO – R2 (DMU)
Laura Shingleton, DO – R2 (UNE COM)
Jake Starsiak, DO – R2 (KCUMB)
Nick Sullivan, DO – R2 (KCUMB)
Eartha Taylor, DO – R1 (LINCOLN COM)
Alexandra Wolf, DO – R2 (KIRKSVILLE)


Chanteal Findling, DO – R1 (KCUMB)
Jason Servi, DO – R1 (MUC COM)
Tony Swicer, DO – R1 (NOVA COM)

Faculty List

Sarah James, DO
Director of Osteopathic Education
Madison / Verona Clinic

Anna Veach, DO
Associate Director of Osteopathic Education
Madison / Arboretum Clinic

Michael Bolan, DO

Jamie Kling, DO

Maggie Larson, DO
Madison / Verona Clinic

Russell Lemmon, DO
Madison / Northeast Clinic

Leif Magnusson, DO
Eau Claire

Deborah Raehl, DO
Eau Claire

Amanda Schoenfuss, DO

John Wheat, DO

Aaron Zivney, DO

Elizabeth Bingman
Director of Educational Services

Orsi Szecsi
Program Coordinator

What our residents are saying…

“I left medical school without much confidence in my osteopathic skills, and as such, without much enthusiasm regarding the value of osteopathic treatments for patients. After three years of regular integration of OMT into my day and hands on guidance by excellent preceptors, it’s now a tool I use almost daily to improve the quality of life of a number of my patients. Even if you’re not an OMT fanatic, you’ll leave your residency training with an expanded ability to heal by undergoing your training here.”

-Evan Nolander, DO, 2020 Graduate, UW DFMCH, Madison.