Molly Olson, DO – R2 (DMU)

Eau Claire

J. Owen Beck, DO – R1 (PNUHS COM)
Cody Howe, DO – R1 (DMU)
Steven Long, DO – R3 (RVU COM)
Charles Steinmetz, DO – R2 (KIRKSVILLE)

La Crosse

Cassandra Lanning, DO – R1 (DMU)
Ian Stock, DO – R1 (CCOM)


Rachel Erickson, DO – R2 (DMU)
Parker Hanson, DO – R1 (BAMA COM)
Kathryn Ledford, DO – R3 (Western COM)
Angela Marchant, DO – R3 (ATSU –AZ)
Mark Matusak, DO – R1 (UNE COM)
Mehwish Moinuddin, DO – R2 (TOURO NV)
Evan Nolander, DO – R2 (KCUMB)
Kristi Smith, DO – R2 (KCUMB)
Ashley Taliaferro, DO – R3 (DMU)
Chelsea Thibodeau, DO – R2 (DMU)
Alexandra Wolf, DO – R1 (KIRKSVILLE)


Carl Bellinger, DO – R2 (KIRKSVILLE)
Chella Bhagyam, DO – R1 (CCOM)
Matthew Gill, DO — R3 (Western COM)
TJ Harrington, DO – R2 (CCOM)
Anna Karst, DO – R1 (KCUMB)
Morgan Lively, DO – R1 (KIRKSVILLE)
Kayla Parsons, DO – R3 (CCOM)
Alison Perry, DO – R3 (CCOM)
Leslie Rabaut, DO – R2 (CCOM)
Priti Rana, DO – R2 (CCOM)
Kristin Randa, DO – R1 (DMU)
Taylor Rutledge, DO – R1 (WV SOM)
Alice Shallcross, DO – R2 (WV SOM)
Caitlin St. Clare, DO – R3 (VIA COM)
Joseph Vogelgesang, DO – R3 (OUH COM)
Steven Wipijewski, DO – R1 (KCUMB)


Anjali Goyal, DO – R2 (CCOM)
Carter Ward, DO – R3 (CCOM)


Erik Gustafson, DO – R2 (CCOM)
Caitlin Harris, DO – R3 (TOURO CA)
Aroba Sadaf, DO – R2 (NSU COM)
Amanda Schoenfuss, DO – R3 (KIRKSVILLE)
Casey Totten, DO – R3 (MSU COM)
Tswjfwm Vang, DO – R3 (WV SOM)

Faculty List

Sarah James, DO
Program Director
Madison / Verona Clinic

Anna Veach, DO
Associate Program Director
Madison / Arboretum Clinic

Bobby Nourani, DO
Madison / Northeast Clinic

Shelly Crane, DO

Jamie Kling, DO

Maggie Larson, DO
Madison / Verona Clinic

Russell Lemmon, DO
Madison / Northeast Clinic

Bobby Nourani, DO
Madison / Northeast Clinic

Deborah Raehl, DO
Eau Claire

Mark Robinson, DO

John Wheat, DO

Jenny White
Education Coordinator

Aaron Zivney, DO

What our residents are saying…

“Most osteopathic programs throughout the country will allow people to continue to practice their osteopathic skills that they already know from medical school, but I chose to join the UW DFMCH programs because I felt I would continue to develop new techniques and skill in osteopathic evaluation. Now that I am about to complete residency I’m confident that my osteopathic skill set and approach to caring for people has grown exponentially compared to medical school. My training has allowed me to become efficient and effective while using OPP for a wider variety of medical conditions. I could not have grown as a clinician this much this quickly without being a part of UW DFMCH!”
-Brandon Phelps, DO, 2017 Graduate, Aurora St. Luke’s, Milwaukee