Fellowship Symposium – Dec 7, 2023: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Fellowship Research Seminars

The fellowship seminar series provides an opportunity for trainees, mentors, and other faculty and staff to interact, share research experiences, and discuss research ideas. The seminar also exposes trainees to senior UW scientists and visiting professors.  The themes of the seminars have focused on topics which address primary care research practice and principles, as well as advice relating to careers in academic medicine, research ethics, writing and reviewing manuscripts, and writing and reviewing grant proposals.

Fall 2023: These seminars occur on a weekly basis on Thursdays between 12-1 pm in 610 N. Whitney Way. Research fellows attend as part of their training program, but other DFMCH fellows, residents, research staff, and research faculty are welcome to attend any sessions as well. Please contact fellowship coordinator Christina Swords at christina.swords@fammed.wisc.edu with any questions or if would like to attend an event.

Fellowship Symposia

Biannual fellowship symposia provide opportunities for fellows to present their research and academic activities to mentors, fellows, faculty, and staff. Each symposium consists of conference-style podium presentations. Mentor and peer feedback allows fellows to refine presentation content and style.  Symposia are also opportunities to gather to discuss strategies and methods pertinent to primary care research. Symposia occur at the end of each Semester, in mid-December and mid-May. Like the fellowship research seminars, symposia are open to interested faculty and staff beyond the department. Please contact fellowship coordinator Christina Swords at christina.swords@fammed.wisc.edu with questions or to RSVP for an upcoming symposium.

2023 Fellowship Symposium Schedule

2023 Fall Fellowship Symposium Schedule