PA Preceptorship Assignment in Full Swing

It is an exciting time at the Physician Assistant Program. The faculty just completed the admissions process by identifying applicants who will join the program this summer (Class of 2009 and Distance Education Class of 2010). The current didactic year students (Class of 2008) are in the process of selecting their preceptorship sites for 2007-2008.

The Program offers students a large network of community-based sites in Wisconsin from which to choose, including two Department of Family Medicine clinics - Wingra Clinic in Madison and the Wausau Family Medicine Center. Students complete four 8-week clinical rotations, one each in surgery and medicine and two in primary care. In addition, many students choose to complete a 1-2 week optional rotation over the winter break.

The current clinical year students (Class of 2007) are providing the Class of 2008 with helpful feedback about the available sites. The students are looking forward to the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned during the didactic phase of their training. Would your clinic like to share in the education of PA students? If so, please contact Honorie Cote, 608-263-6678, or