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PA Class of 2008

Student Happenings from the PA Class of 2008

Jared Waterman, PA-S

Greetings from the University of Wisconsin Physician Assistant Program! We would like to take this time to inform you about our program and some of the activities being planned. Some of our students from the Class of 2008 went above and beyond the call of duty by attending a one-day seminar on orthopedic casting and splinting. During winter break, students met for eight hours to learn principles and techniques that are used in a primary care setting. This was an excellent experience to gain insight and practice with the materials before our Emergency Medicine class started this spring semester. A special thank you to classmate, Dan Geib, for sharing his time and ortho knowledge with us.

In other news, approximately twelve members from the Class of 2008 and the Distance Class of 2009 will be attending a medical mission trip to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. The trip is planned for May 18 through June 1. We have spent the last several months raising funds for supplies and requesting donations for medications, eyeglasses, and medical supplies. The focus of this trip is to provide primary care, vision screening, and cavity prevention for children.