Procedure Fair

Students take part in the Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO) course, sponsored by the FMIG.  Family Medicine faculty lead this highly popular event, which is an opportunity for students to gain hands-on skills related to Obstetrics.

About the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

  • A student-run organization that is supported by the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and the American Academy of Family Medicine
  • Structured to give medical students with an interest in Family Medicine
    • a supportive environment in which to explore Family Medicine
    • experience in the specialty of Family Medicine
  • A terrific way to meet other students interested in family and community health
  • Learn clinical skills
  • Have some fun
  • Develop personal relationships with our award-winning faculty.
  • FMIG offers a variety of:
    • noon time talks
    • Workshops
    • social events

7 Years (A Life In Medicine)

FMIG Staff Advisor

Nicole Watson
OMSE Medical Student Programs Coordinator
Email: Contact
(608) 263-1334

FMIG Faculty Advisor

Jacob Bryan, MD
Email: Contact

Resident Liaison

Megan Bartz
Email: Contact

Taylor Boland
Email: Contact

Carly Salter
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Kelsey Schmidt
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Katrina (Kat) Weimer
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FMIG Leadership: An FM on Air Series


Video Episode 8: Personal Finance, Loans and Scholarships, and Debt Management

Learn how your FMIG can help make sense of the complicated world of student debt and financial planning for medical students, including scholarships and loans available if you pursue a primary care career, and how to take advantage of options available to you.

2024 FMIG Leaders

Sabrina Xuan Huang

Sabrina Xuan Huang

Bipasha Rafia Sobhani

Bipasha Rafia Sobhani

Grace Elizabeth Petzold

Grace Elizabeth Petzold

Chloe Alanna King

Chloe Alanna King; WARM

Cole Michael Birch

Cole Michael Birch; WARM

Katherine Ann Satori

Katherine Ann Satori; WARM

Hunter Allan Wakefield

Hunter Allan Wakefield; WARM