Our first-year schedule consists of 18 blocks, which directly reflects our number of residents (16 in Madison and 2 in our Baraboo rural track). This assures non-duplicative coverage of all rotations.

First-Year Rotations (18 blocks)

  • Adult Medicine – St. Mary’s Family Medicine Service – 2 blocks
  • Adult Medicine – UW Hospital Family Medicine Service – 1 block
  • Adult Medicine – Medical Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital – 2 blocks
  • Pediatrics Service at St. Mary’s Hospital and American Family Children’s Hospital (1 block each) – 2 blocks
  • Pediatrics/Family Medicine Nights Cross-cover at St. Mary’s Hospital – 2 blocks
  • Obstetrics at St. Mary’s Hospital – 2 blocks
  • Rural Surgery Preceptorship (Baraboo, Dodgeville, Stoughton) – 1 block
  • Emergency Medicine – Community ER (Baraboo, Dodgeville, Sauk) – 1 block
  • Emergency Medicine – St. Mary’s Hospital ER – 1 block
  • Community Health – 3 weeks longitudinally
  • Vacation – 3 Weeks

Second and Third Year Rotations

Outpatient rotations can be taken either 2nd or 3rd year, unless otherwise designated

Adult Medicine – 8 Blocks

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital – 1 block (2nd year)
  • Family Medicine Service at St. Mary’s Hospital – 1 block (3rd year)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Night Float – 4 weeks (2 each 2nd & 3rd year)
  • Family Medicine Service at UW Hospital – 2 blocks (1 each 2nd & 3rd year)
  • UW Hospital Night Float – 4 weeks (2 each 2nd & 3rd year)
  • Geriatrics/Palliative Care – 1 block (3rd year)

Pediatrics – 2 Blocks

  • Pediatrics Service at St. Mary’s Hospital – 1 block (2nd year)
  • One additional block chosen from available out and inpatient rotations – 4 Weeks

Obstetrics St. Mary’s Hospital – 3 Blocks

  • Maternal Child Teaching Service at Meriter Hospital – 2 blocks (2nd year)
  • OB Float at St. Mary’s Hospital and Meriter Hospital – 1 block (3rd year)

Gynecology – 3 Weeks

Dermatology – 2 Weeks

Surgical Subspecialties – 16 Weeks

  • ENT – 3 Weeks
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine (Orthopedics, Orthopedics-Related, and Sports Medicine) – 11 weeks
    • Orthopedics – 3 Weeks (Includes Musculoskeletal Radiology and Orthopedics Clinic)
    • Orthopedics Related – 4 weeks (Includes Rheumatology, Casting/Splinting, Physical Therapy, and Selectives)
    • Sports Medicine – 4 weeks (Includes Sports Medicine Clinic, Sporting Event Coverage, Orthotics Lab, and Athletic Training Room)
  • Ophthalmology – 2 weeks

Management of Health Systems – 4 Weeks (2 each in 2nd & 3rd year)

Community Health – 4 Weeks (2 each in 2nd & 3rd year)

Rural Rotation – 4 Weeks

Electives – 15 Weeks (minimum)

  • Medicine Electives may be chosen from: Allergy, Pulmonary Medicine, Geriatrics, GI, Neurology, Endocrine, Urgent Care, and Wound Care.
  • Other electives available include Integrative Medicine, Psychiatry, Palliative Care and Hospice, Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health, Research, Out-of-Town or International rotations, and others.

Parenting During Residency

“The faculty, staff and residents have all been very supportive and instrumental in making my experience as a new parent more comfortable. From being able to coordinate medical appointments, parental leave and nursing accommodations, I appreciate the support and flexibility while becoming a parent in residency. I am glad to be training in such a family-friendly environment that endorses diversity from multiple views including parenthood.” -Andrea Suarez, MD, 2021 Graduate

Pregnancy and parenthood are very common in our residency. Here are some ways we support our residents:

  • Up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave: Residents can take more weeks as unpaid leave. Vacation can be used to increase leave without extending residency.
  • Parenting/infant development rotation: This is a 1 to 3-week elective that includes 4 half-days of self-study per week to work on a project related to parenting. This elective can serve as a transition between parental leave and returning to clinical rotations.
  • Breastfeeding: We support the wellness of lactating residents by understanding the additional challenges faced, and we provide accommodations for pumping mothers in our clinical and learning environments.

Clustered Didactics – 2 weeks (1 2nd year and 1 in 3rd year)

Vacation – 4 weeks (each year)

CME time – 2 weeks (1 each in 2nd & 3rd year)


Madison med students attend the procedure workshop.