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Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN)

Wisconsin Research & Education Network (WREN)

2015 WREN Convocation of Practices

WREN Convocation

Developing a Road Map for Optimum Patient-Partnered Chronic Condition Management

Dates: October 14-16, 2015.

Come to beautiful Oshkosh, WI, where the Fox River meets Lake Winnebago, for open dialogue on the issues that matter to helping patients manage their chronic conditions.

We know that you get conference announcements all the time. And since your time is valuable, you have to pick and choose carefully how you will spend it. That’s why we’re hoping you will choose to spend your time with WREN for a couple of days this fall. Why? Because it’s an opportunity for you to be part of the process of determining which research questions in managing chronic conditions WREN should prioritize.

You see, this conference is not just about telling people what we know. It’s about identifying what we don’t know, and what are the most important things to find out. And we want to do this in a way that is inclusive of all of the individuals with a stake in the matter: patients and caregivers, the clinicians who treat them, the insurers who pay for their care, and the researchers who design the approaches to asking and answering these questions. As a primary care Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN), WREN is ideally suited to bring these voices to the table to develop and answer the research questions that really matter.

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The Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) is a statewide practice-based research network with hundreds of primary care clinicians and academic researchers.

WREN conducts high-quality translational research projects in "real-world" family practices across Wisconsin.

WREN members gather annually for group learning, through a “Convocation of Practices”.

WREN produces a monthly newsletter which is emailed to members and other interested researchers or providers.