2019 WREN Conference

The 2019 WREN Conference was a thought-provoking afternoon on the importance of practice-based research in the primary care setting, followed by physicians who provided their perspectives on adding meaning to their practice through program development. Topics included intellectual curiosity as the basis for practice to research, maintaining work-life balance, and a residency experience with an innovative research project. A panel of practicing physicians and a medical student discussed how they wove research activities into their professional lives.  Oral presentations by medical students were engaging and informative.

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Convocation of Practices

The WREN Convocation of Practices provides a forum for WREN associates to receive updates on current and future projects, present preliminary study results, and conduct WREN business.

Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit

This event brings together nationally important voices in the fields of health care, adult literacy and health care policy to address health literacy from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Wisconsin Research & Education Network (WREN)

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