This overview focuses on how an Integrative Health approach can be useful for prevention and treatment of issues specific to men.  As with all aspects of our health, men’s health issues do not exist in isolation; focusing on prostate health, erectile function, testosterone, and other concerns must be done with the full picture in mind.  Integrative Health emphasizes mindful awareness and general self-care along with conventional and integrative approaches to health and well-being.  The Circle of Health highlights eight areas of self-care: Surroundings; Personal Development; Nutrition; Recharge; Family, Friends, and Co-workers; Spirit and Soul; Mind and Emotions; and Physical Activity.  The patient narrative in the Integrative Approaches to Men’s Health provides an example of what might be covered in a men’s health-focused encounter. Some studies have also showed success with certain complementary approaches, particularly supplements, when prostate cancererectile dysfunctionbenign prostatic hypertrophytestosterone deficiency, and other problems arise.

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Disclaimer: This information is for general education. Please work with your health care practitioner to use it in the best way possible to promote your health.